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9 incredible ways we're using drones for social good

When it comes to alleviating some of the world's most pressing problems, perhaps we should look to the skies. The word "drone" might inspire images of counterterrorism strikes and the future of package delivery. But quadcopters and other autonomous...

Social Media / News - 2 hours from now

How the hell should you use your tax refund?

It might be here already. Since Tax Day has already come and gone, we hope it's at least on the way. But when you finally get that sweet, sweet refund, what the hell is the best thing to do with it? If you have overdue debts to pay, or you've been...

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Dogs, ranked

All dogs are good, but some dogs are the best. Using a unique and complex algorithm that we cannot disclose (just kidding, we picked 50 dogs from the American Kennel Club website, gave each a score out of 10, then argued with each other in the case...