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Social Media / News - 16 hours ago

Even Trump's Earth Day message was anti-science

President Donald Trump just released a statement for Earth Day, and it doesn't seem like he really loves the Earth?  Along with some faint praise of America's "abundant natural resources and awe-inspiring beauty," Trump used Earth Day to talk...

Social Media / News - 17 hours ago

Have your suitcase follow you through the airport

'Travelmate' is your new best friend to travel with. It can follow you wherever you go, whether it be standing vertically or horizontally. It can also carry things for you and charge your phone. 'Travelmate' uses AI to match your movements and avoi...

Social Media / News - 18 hours ago

Apple adds Earth Day fitness badge to Apple Watch

Just a couple of days after releasing its new NikeLab version of the Apple Watch, Apple is leveraging the device's reputation as a fitness tool to join in the Earth Day festivities.  Early Saturday, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a photo of a new s...