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Social Media / News - 1 hour ago

Check out Microsoft's latest, sleekest Surface Pro

Microsoft is dropping the number scheme. This is the Surface Pro, and it doesn't have any crazy new features or a radical redesign. Instead, this model introduces big improvements to the existing technology, including major upgrades to the Surface...

Social Media / News - 2 hours ago

Microsoft: USB-C isn’t ready

Of all the changes Microsoft could have made with the new Surface Pro it introduced on Tuesday in China, adding a USB-C port was a gimme. Except that it wasn’t and Microsoft didn’t. The choice to leave USB-C off its flagship product put...

Social Media / News - 2 hours ago

Google's AlphaGo beats world's best Go player

Google's AlphaGo is slowly but surely becoming the best Go player in the world, with one key difference: Unlike other top players, it's not human. It's an artificial intelligence.  Kicking off The Future of Go Summit event, held from May 23-27...