There's a reason why you feel like time is moving slower in Trump's America


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Remember the mild, scandal-free days of the Obama years, when the biggest breaking news of the day was the holy war against Frappucino cups or the First Lady escaping the White House to go to CVS

Yeah. Neither can we.

In less than a month, Trump has laid the groundwork for war in fill-in-the-blank, appointed a reality show loser to guard our nuclear weapons, put a white supremacist in charge of national security and made a nationwide call for more "easy D." As our flawed democracy erodes one Trump tweet at a time, our private lives feel static and sleepy in comparison. For some, time feels like its moving slower in Trump's America, and while the earth is spinning at the same speed it always does, psychologists believe that the perception has to do with the way the brain reacts to stress. Read more...

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